Island teams battle it out in Auckland


Teams from the island’s two primary schools ended up facing each other in a nail-biting match at the Inner City Primary Interschool netball competition last week, with Waiheke Primary taking out the honours.

Three teams, two from Te Huruhi and one from Waiheke Primary, headed into Auckland for the annual contest, which has expanded to include around 50 teams from schools in the area.

The event was organised by Trish Hadfield from Waiheke Primary and Kate Brimacombe from Te Huruhi. 

“The students gave 150% in terms of effort,” says Te Huruhi teacher Fhiona Wainwright, the school’s netball coach.

 “Te Huruhi took two teams in the B and C leagues. Each team plays six matches in a day so it’s totally exhausting but they were an amazing group, both in their positive attitude and immaculate behaviour; real ambassadors for Waiheke.”  

Waiheke Primary’s team finished top overall in their league, while Te Huruhi’s A team finished second in their pool, after losing to Waiheke, and its B team finished fifth.

Waiheke High School top netballers Baylee Leoni and Brooke Foley accompanied the teams and worked tirelessly all day, refereeing back-to-back games.

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