Helmut Rudolph Counselling & Psychotherapy

Being heard and understood is invaluable to wellbeing. We are able to move forward when there is someone else caring about what is going on for us internally and externally.

ComIng into kind and gentle connection with your mind, heart and body’s voice gives strength. The therapeutic relationship supports adjustment and growing true to yourself.

Positive changes in your lived external world follow through from the healing that occurs inside.

Depending on your needs therapy may be brief and focussed to work through a specific issue, or it may be open ended to engage deeper with unconscious dynamics of behaviour.

Areas of experience
I have worked with people across a broad range of issues including :
Addictive behaviour.
Emotional regulation
Relationship issues

For low income earners the fee is according to ability to pay. Please talk to me about it.

Feel free to call for an initial chat.

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