Gulf News: Why we do what we do

Gulf News: Why we do what we do

Since 1973, Gulf News – and latterly the Waiheke Weekender – have provided a steady and constant gaze upon the comings and goings around these shifting sands of our island. In short, we are because you are.

That relationship is built on the two publications providing a setting where our reporters, our contributors, our advertisers and our readers can communicate in a safe, trusted and effective environment.

That trust isn’t taken for granted. That trust comes from being Waiheke residents, from showing passion and determination to report on the issues that strike at the heart of the island and from being at the events that make Waiheke what it is.

We are trusted because we are at the board meetings and public gatherings, we are there celebrating at the concerts, festivals, market days and sports events, and we are there to listen when Waiheke residents want to have their say.

Waiheke has always and will always be packed to its coastlines with stories and we want Gulf News and the Waiheke Weekender to be the first places its inhabitants turn to for bold, candid, entertaining and truthful reporting. And for us, our readers and our advertisers to thrive in the future, we believe that trust has to be front and centre in all we do.

Meet our team

Liz Waters, Owner/Editor Liz Waters, Owner/Editor
The importance of thriving hyper-local newspapers is as the glue of their communities. They challenge us and help us see each other with affection - whole, vital and connected in the world as it is.
James Belfield, News Editor James Belfield, News Editor
From being a crime hack on UK dailies to a sports writer for Sunday News, a brief stint on the National Business Review, more desk-bound jobs as production editor, features editor and associate editor at the Sunday Star-Times, a music column in the NZ Listener and now news editor at Gulf News, what keeps me going is the ever gob-smacking, ever changing, ever inspirational stories we live among.
Sophie Boladeras, Journalist Sophie Boladeras, Journalist
As a journalist I get to meet inspirational people and satisfy my curiosity daily. Our two very different publications also provide the chance to write in a variety of styles about diverse subjects. Waiheke’s innovators, activists and environmentalists inspire me to write stories that inform and create community dialogue.
Liza Hamilton, Journalist Liza Hamilton, Journalist
I love a good yarn. At Gulf News I get to help showcase and connect the stories of a bunch of fascinating people, from trailblazers to constant volunteers, artists, environmentalists, academics, entrepreneurs, educators and kind, fun people dedicated to their community. My background is radio and print journalism, mostly in Belfast, Northern Ireland where I’m from.
Erin Johnson, Journalist Erin Johnson, Journalist
Community newspapers got under my skin at journalism school. From there, I traversed a winding path from community television to international documentaries. Now I’ve come full circle to my original love. How lucky I am to capture the stories of this island’s people and place, week in, week out.
Tessa O’Shea, Sales and Marketing Tessa O’Shea, Sales and Marketing
I love organising, challenges and change, and I get it every minute of every day at Gulf News. The challenge is thrilling, the engagement with others stirs a passion and grounds me to Waiheke. How much I thrive personally is wrapped into a fast-paced and accurate week of laughter and performance.
Dell McInnes, Sales Dell McInnes, Sales
I love working here because I get fast-track information and know so much more about our community than previously. I am involved and passionate and I feel like I make a difference. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.
Dianne Handyside, Accounts Dianne Handyside, Accounts
I enjoy working at the Gulf News as it is a locally owned and family business. Every week is different – you never know what or who might come through the door. The variety of people on the island is what I love.
Michelle Lewis, Design Michelle Lewis, Design
Deadlines speak to me, give me a deadline and I will give you a result. The fast-paced newspaper environment delivers a level of activity that suits my productivity. It’s great to accomplish so much each week with people who are hardworking and have skills that complement mine. I love being part of our team.
Nora Restrepo, Design Nora Restrepo, Design
When I came to Waiheke, I found my dream job: using my skills in graphic design in a beautiful community with a great team. I really enjoy being a part of the behind-the-scenes team of the two publications and furthering my career in newspaper production.
Merrie Hewetson, Production Merrie Hewetson, Production
I love this island, I grew up here and I am determined it will be as strong and nurturing a place to grow up for my own tamariki. And I love the deadlines, the pressure and being part of a team that cares so passionately about making a difference... and has a healthy sense of the slightly ridiculous and the utterly absurd!