Anne Bailey Co-Operacy

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Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand
425 Waiheke Road Auckland Auckland 1971 NZ
Anne’s work focuses on developing and building the synergy of personal mastery, with team and organisational transformation.
She is committed to whole person models.
CO-OPERACY – autonomy and co-operation in action.
Co-Operacy provides facillitation, coaching, mentoring and training for individuals, teams and organisations to ensure co-operation and collaboration occur at an optimum level.
Coaching and Supervision
I am passionate about my work with individual clients, and have a deep trust in people having their own answers. Sometimes these insights may be lurking just below the surface, requiring a compassionate and rigorous ally to uncover them. 
Over twenty years in these roles clients include people from a variety of fields.   Project Managers with local government,  Managers of Not For Profit organisations,  Health Professionals, Business Consultants, Architects to name some.


Anne Bailey web Sept 2018.jpg 11 months ago
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