Waiheke Weekender Advertising

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our advertising manager, Tessa Ryan on sales@waihekegulfnews.co.nz, or phone 09 372 5055.

Publication Date: Weekly on Thursday Material Deadline: Copy deadline for adverts that require design/makeup – Wednesday 12noon Print ready (complete) adverts – Friday 12noon


Advertisements should be supplied as PDF, or as a high resolution .tiff or .jpeg Please supply as CMYK colour or greyscale (not RGB). Please create at the correct size and convert all text to outlines.

WE CAN MAKE UP YOUR ADVERTISEMENT for you. Email us your copy, or bring it in on a disk along with any logos/images required. We can also scan photos and images if you bring them in.

NOTE: Microsoft Word documents are not camera-ready copy and will sometimes not open or print correctly. If providing a Word document (or any other word processor document) please also provide a printed copy. Text must not be below 10.5 in typeface size.

Our Bank Details
Waiheke Gulf News
Kiwibank 38 9010 0200285 02
Please use your name and invoice number for reference.

Terms and Conditions:

ADVERTISING COPY DEADLINE: Gulf News 12pm Monday on week of publication.
Waiheke Weekender 12pm Wednesday on week before publication (if ad makeup is required), 12pm Friday on week before publication (camera ready ads).
Deadlines will change around public holidays.

ADVERTISING COPY SPECS: Logos and images to be supplied as CMYK PDF, tiff, eps or jpg at 300dpi. Ready made ads to be made to correct Gulf News ad dimensions (see our website for detailed information)

CONFIRMATION: If you have not received a confirmation for your display ad booking by 2pm Tuesday, please phone the office on 372 5055.

CONDITIONS: In placing an ad with us you confirm that you have read and understood the following conditions. While we take every care to ensure the insertion, accuracy and quality of your ad, the publisher does not accept liability for any loss caused by omission on a particular day or errors in advertisements. Gulf News is not responsible for the print quality or content accuracy of camera ready ads supplied by the customer, for the omission of ads received after deadline, or for errors that were not noted by the customer during sign off. The publisher reserves the right to reject, amend or edit any advertisement that seems in his/her opinion to be objectionable or otherwise unsuitable for publication. The placement of all advertising in the paper is at the discretion of the publisher except where prior arrangements have been made. Claims for allowance for errors in advertisements must be made within seven days from the date of publication and no liability will be accepted beyond the actual space occupied by the advertisement in which the error occurred. All advertisements and artwork prepared by the staff of Gulf News remain the property of the publisher and must not be used in any other publication or for any other purpose without prior written permission from Gulf News. Advertising and artwork rates available on request. Please note that changes made to content of ad (other than factual errors) after submission of customer’s original draft may incur our standard ad makeup charges.