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Over the last 40 years, we have helped our advertisers buy and sell literally millions of dollars of real estate, along with pretty much every other necessity of life on the island. Gulf News was named Best All-Round Newspaper for the last three years running in the annual New Zealand Community Newspaper Association awards, alongside accolades for community involvement and journalism.

In a survey of 121 households, we found that only four did not buy Gulf News each week  (an enviable 97 percent penetration of the market) and that 2.2 people per home read the newspaper each week.

Most copies will remain in the household for a month. That’s great depth and reach and a long shelf life. No-one ever leaves their Gulf News on the ferry.

Here at Gulf News we’re committed to helping you get the best from your advertising budget. Advertising sales manager Tessa Ryan on can customise an advertising package to suit your business and help with advertising campaigns and strategies.

In-house Design Team

We have a friendly and dedicated in-house design team and we work closely with key designers on Waiheke and in the city.

If you want to talk to Waiheke, talk to us.

Contact our advertising manager, Tessa Ryan, on:
Tel: (0649) 372 5055
Fax: (0649) 372 5029

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